Our Leadership Team

Zack Schrantz      President                           & Chief Executive Officer

Tom Vanden Berk
CEO Emeritus



Margarita Headshot

Margarita Cordon
Associate Vice President
Transitional Teen Services


Norman Livingston Kerr
Vice President
Violence Prevention

Nick Headshot

Nick Liakopulos
Vice President
Information Systems and Technology

Derrick Headshot 

Derrick K. Baker
Vice President
Marketing Communications


Laura Angelucci 
Executive Vice President
of Administration


Fred Long
Vice President of
Development &
Government Affairs






Nacole Milbrook
Sr. Vice President
Counseling Youth and
Family Development Services


Claude A. Robinson, Jr.
Executive Vice President
External Affairs & Diversity

 Cherilyn Headshot

Cherilyn Thomas
Vice President


Renita White
Senior Vice President
Housing Support and Workforce Development

 Patty Headshot

Patricia Wynn
Chief Financial Officer


Kathy McCarthy
Senior Vice President
Residential Treatment


Andrea Chua
Vice President
Quality Improvement

Stephanie Franklin
Vice President
Teen Parenting Service Network