UCAN Academy Sensory Room Donate Page

A sensory room is a special room designed to develop a person’s senses, usually through special lighting, music, and objects. Our sensory rooms will be used for K-12 students who struggle with emotional and learning disabilities. The sensory rooms will provide opportunities for engagement in prevention and crisis de-escalation strategies, as well as a host of other therapeutic exchanges. Help  us to create a safe space to facilitate the therapeutic alliance!

While working through social-emotional behaviors, UCAN students can often miss valuable class time due to their need for additional support from behavior intervention specialists and social workers. Sensory rooms help students regulate, regain focus and return to their daily activities in shorter periods of time through sensory stimulation. They are proven to be effective in helping students with various mental health issues that UCAN students struggle with, such as anxiety, depression, impulse control, psychosis, self-harm and anger management. For students with sensory processing issues, sensory rooms encourage them to explore and engage with their senses, heightening their ability to interact with the world around them.

Sensory stimulation is used to engage different areas of the brain, helping students absorb and retain more information and better meet their educational needs. To promote emotional well-being, sensory rooms increase relaxation and motivation, promote greater levels of happiness and well-being, improve focus, help manage impulsive behavior, and help develop a sense of empowerment while increasing their confidence, resilience and independence.

The benefits of sensory rooms are vast and still being discovered. The UCAN Academy is excited to offer this as a new strategy to help our students grow, learn, and become future leaders.

If you wish to donate an in-kind item instead (list provided here), please reach out to Rebecca Brown at (773) 279-3733 or via email at Rebecca.Brown@UCANchicago.org