Chicago’s Tomorrow Interviews Chicago Today

Welcome to the new interview series in which Chicago’s leaders of tomorrow, UCAN youth, will interview Chicago leaders of today.

Each youth interviewer identifies a career that inspires them, and sits down with a notable Chicago figure from that field. These conversations not only explore how one gets into such work, but why and how that career is valuable to the city and its people. It’s all part of our conviction at UCAN that today’s youth, even when hit hard by trauma, can become tomorrow’s leaders.

Watch Episode 1

The interviewer for our inaugural episode is Ariyan Moore, currently a marketing student, who spoke with John Starkey, Global Brand Leader for Dove and Galaxy chocolates at Mars

Read the full interview here.


Watch Episode 2

For our second episode, Briana Owens, an aspiring broadcaster and currently a student at Ithaca College, interviews Brandis Griffith-Friedman, a correspondent and segment host for Chicago Tonight, on WTTW, Chicago’s public television station.

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Watch Episode 3

In the third episode, Ebonie Henderson, an aspiring actress, visits the Goodman Theater to interview Henry Godinez, the Resident Artistic Associate there and a professor at Northwestern University.

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Watch Episode 4

In the fourth episode of our series, Maya Hunter, a UCAN participant who aspires to be a physician, interviews Dr. Perpetua Goodall, an Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology at the University of Chicago. 

Read the full interview here.

Watch Episode 5

Caleb Hunter, a former UCAN participant and now a college sophomore studying Cybersecurity, met with Robert Matles, a technologist and Managing Director for J.P. Morgan Chase, the global financial firm, who helps lead over 1800 technology professionals housed in seven very un-bank-like floors of the firm’s downtown Chicago office.

Read the full interview here.

Watch Episode 6

In this episode, Jade Wilkins, a budding activist in the fight against food insecurity (and a UCAN participant), interviews Nicole Robinson, Vice President of Community Impact at the Greater Chicago Food Depository. They discuss food insecurity, waste, hunger as a product of poverty and inequality, and hope ­– hope arising from a commitment to community.

Read the full interview here.

Watch Episode 7

Finance, the future of Chicago, and how young people from any background can find a career. In this episode of our interview series, Yusuf Aljabri, a UCAN participant and aspiring finance professional, sits down with Kourtney Gibson, President of Loop Capital Markets and a regular commentator on CNBC, to explore how she made it to a leading position in the financial industry, what advice she has for young people interested in entering the field, and why she feels the financial industry is important to the future of Chicago.

Read the full interview here.

Watch Episode 8

Dorian Robinson, part of the UCAN family and currently a student at College of Mount St. Vincent, interviewed Dr. Wendy Borlabi.  She is psychologist who has previously worked at both the Olympic and collegiate levels in sports, is the founder of a cross-disciplinary performance consultancy, and currently serves as the performance coach for the Chicago Bulls. They discussed what performance psychology is, how one gets in to the field, and why it’s important for the future.

Read the full interview here.

Watch Episode 9

Taylor Kerr, a UCAN participant, aspires to be a veterinarian. She recently sat down with one of Chicago’s finest veterinarian surgeons, Dr. Aaron Jackson of MedVet, to learn about his passion for the field, and what it takes to serve both pets and people to the fullest.

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